Warning: Financeanyloan never charges any additional fees for any loan that you have applied.

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Interest rates start from 4.99%

We have exclusive loan rates starting from 4.99%, depending upon individual affordability. There will be flexible rates suited to everyone.

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Achieve better credit score

With us, you get the ideal platform to improve your credit score or build a positive one. It is possible thanks to our flexible repayment terms.

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Borrow as per your need

Whether you want €3000 or €25000, we are ready to fund your financial goals or needs. We are determined to affordable amount only.

Get personal loans from a reliable money lender

Do you need urgent access to funds to manage holiday costs, education fees, home improvement, or buy a gadget? If yes, then your priority should be to search among the best loan companies in Ireland. Finding such a lender will benefit you as you get acceptance despite your poor credit scores.

It is where Financeanyloan comes forward. We are a dedicated private lender helping loan aspirants during critical financial times. Our personal loans are processed through online technology, ensuring proper and prompt financial assistance for everyone in Ireland.

You have the opportunity to borrow the amount of up to €25000 for a maximum term of 60 months. However, the final amount and term depend upon individual affordability.

Since our inception, we have been trying to put the loans at your comfort. Therefore, we aim to solve your financial issues as early as possible. We have been leading a team of loan experts who know how to handle multiple loan applications in a quick time. They are motivated towards borrower-friendly loan deals.

Decide the amount and term. Our experts quickly mail an obligation-free quote, which includes the most affordable rates on loans in Ireland. Once you avail funds, you can use them for the following purposes:

  • Financial emergencies
  • Paying monthly rent
  • Funding wedding event
  • Buying a vehicle
  • Urgent home repair
  • Merging multiple debts

Why is it vital to borrow money only from us?

You have many choices in the market to borrow money in Ireland. You have mainstream lenders to approach, but their traditional lending process may not suit your need for urgent funding. You have another central lending platform Avant Money, delivering personal loans on specific terms.

Options are plenty, but Financeanyloan stands firmly as the most dependable alternative of them. We have been flexible in our lending policies, where loans are based on current affordability rather than past credit performance. Your history might not have suitable circumstances to keep up the finances. Still, your present situation is well under control thanks to our modern-day approach.

Instant funding with no extraordinary efforts to make is what we ensure for you. Many other reasons are there proving why we are essential to your financial stability, including:


We are well-experienced in providing the best lending where everything is possible for everyone.


We can modify our terms and conditions according to individual needs. Apply once to test us for this.


You can trust us as we have a proven record of higher loan approval chances without impacting your poor credit.


We do not hide anything from you from the start, whatever the rates are mentioned in the initial loan quote.

Our promise to affordable loans only allows us to prepare the cheapest loans in Ireland. These will be pocket-friendly deals whether you are employed or unemployed, a homeowner or tenant, a student or a small business owner. We do not ask for upfront charges or processing fees.

How to apply for a loan here from anywhere in Ireland?

You may think you must go here and there to submit your loan application. There is not even a possibility of it if you opt for online loans. Yes, we deal only in online applications and are counted among the few money lenders in Dublin offering loans through digital ways all over Ireland.

The procedure is quite simple to follow as there are a few boxes to fill with your personal details. However, information should be accurate to avoid any delay or rejection. You can ask us anytime if there is any need for clarification. Apply carefully, as we may return it if any false detail has been found.

Our process includes the following steps, which you need to follow to get loans in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland:

Easy loan process
Apply Online Way

Step 01: Choose the loan amount and term

Your first step will be to decide the borrowing amount and for how many months it should be. Finalise it only after analysing your current affordability.

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Step 02: Complete the online form

The next task is to fill out a single-page online form where you must type a few personal details. Once you finish it, submit the form as soon as possible.

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Step 03: Soft credit check

Your application will be gone through a mandatory credit check, but it will be a soft assessment. There will be no mark left of any search footprint when someone goes through your credit file.

Step 04: Loan quote and quick approval

We will share a loan quote matching your loan requirements. Confirm with us early if you agree with the quote. Thereafter, we approve a loan for you instantly.

Step 05: Use funds for any personal purpose

Once we approve a loan for you, we will release the asked amount to your active bank account on the same day. Now, you are ready to use funds for any reasonable purpose.

What options do I have on personal loans as alternatives?

Other private money lenders in Ireland usually provide personal loans as the only main product. You leave with no other option to choose and sometimes, it becomes costly to your monthly income.

At Financeanyloan, we provide you with a variety of unsecured personal loans in Ireland. You can choose any one of them as per your current financial needs. The procedure will remain online only, and thus, not much paperwork is there to follow. We have special arrangements for those with specific credit issues. We approve a loan for them and contribute to raising their credit scores.

Here are the types of personal loans on which we have specialisation:

Quick Loans

Do you need to pay rent on an urgent basis? Is there any medical emergency? Nothing to worry about as our quick loans will fulfil your desire.

Car finance for bad credit

Want to purchase your dream car, but poor credit restricts you from getting finance? Don’t worry. We are exclusively providing bespoke car finance for bad credit.

Bad Credit Loans

As we are especially concerned for the people with low credit scores, we have prepared dedicated deals on bad credit loans with affordable APRs.

Doorstep Loans

You will not come to our doorstep. Instead, we will come to your home and arrange a perfect doorstep loan deal for you. No bank account is needed too.

Unsecured personal loans

Why compromise with your personal ends due to the lack of funds? Unsecured personal loans are there with affordable interest rates irrespective of credit score.

Unemployed Loans

Your jobless days will only bother you a little, as we support you with an effective deal on loans for the unemployed, available with bad credit.

No Credit Check Loans

Making things comfortable for you is our motto, so we provide loans with no hard credit check. It will better your scores as well.

Debt consolidation loans

Do not feel too much burdened with existing debts. Apply for our loans for debt consolidation and live a debt-free life. It all takes only one day to complete.

Car Loans

Do not satisfy with your dream of purchasing the liked car. We fill the funding gap by ensuring an easy deal on car loans. It is for used cars also.

Home improvement loans

Looking for a personalised offer on home improvement loans? Apply online now, as there is a simple eligibility criterion, no hidden cost, and no set-up fees.

Get a loan in Ireland with exceptional advantages

Unsecured personal loans are generally available for a shorter term in Ireland. Lenders tend to keep higher rates as no collateral or guarantor is involved. On the other hand, Financeanyloan follows a different approach where wider prospects are there to fetch larger amounts, up to €25000, for a longer duration.

Still, we do not need security or a guarantor’s backup. It becomes possible as we provide affordable loans only based on your monthly income.

Get the following advantages of private loans from one of the most reliable lending hubs in Ireland:

Unsecured personal loans ireland
Loans for Any Personal Need

Guaranteed approval

Are you asking for an amount needed according to the situation? Have you proved your loan affordability? If your answers are yes, you are pre-approved to get the loans on 100% acceptance. However, there will be a mandatory credit check on each loan offer.

No Requirement of Reapplying

Reasonable interest rates

Since you are applying for an affordable loan, we keep the interest rates reasonable. It will happen even if your credit scores are not good. We analyse your monthly income and its capacity to repay while determining the interest rates on your deal.

Comfortable and Flexible Lending

Loans in 1 hour

Most loan aspirants approach us because they get speedy fund disbursal from us. We can ensure cash loans in 1 hour if everything is correct in your application. We also have a doorstep lending service ideal for the unemployed or those with no bank account.

Loan Approval on Income

Loans without any third-party involvement

We communicate directly with you to bring a well-suitable loan deal to your circumstances. Therefore, you can apply by not approaching any broker and finding a guarantor. Our loans are income based and thus affordable to everyone.

Past Credit Score is Irrelevant

Automatic repayment option

Unlike other private loan agencies in Ireland, we give you an automatic deduction option. It means a monthly instalment amount will be deducted from your account on a particular date. You will not miss any payment; repayment can be appropriately made until the loan term ends.

personal loans ireland

These are a few benefits, but there are many more if you select us while searching for genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland. We do not keep secrets. Instead, we keep everything in complete transparency.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best online loans?
How interest rates are calculated here?
Is it possible for me to get genuine loans?
Do I have to pay extra fees to get loans without a credit check?
What are the different ways I can receive loan money?

With us, one can get direct loans in Ireland in a checking account or at doorsteps. The diverse loan options available here let us deliver loans via different modes. You can receive speedy money right away online after the approval of loans. At the same time, you get the convenience of obtaining money without moving out anywhere and despite lacking any bank account. The doorstep delivery of loans will be easily accessible to you.

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