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Create an environment-friendly future by getting an electric car. Worry least about the finances as you can easily allocate the cost over months. Utilise the advanced technology to drive pollution-free.

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Electric car loans for economical purchase at 4.99% rates

Are you ready to switch to electric car options over normal cars? These very popular cars are harmless to the environment and do not need a gigantic investment from your end. You can easily spread the cost with the help of an electric car loan.

You will no longer need petrol or diesel to run this car. The latest technology embedded in them lets you use the electric power to drive and cover any distance. Financeanyloan can make it easy for you to fulfil this dream of owning this car.

No matter what amount is available in your bank account. You can plug the remaining gap with the help of these loans. It would be wiser to have a bigger deposit amount to reduce the monthly payments.

Instead of opting for pricey monthly instalment options, you can now pay the purchase price outright. Personalised rates to match your needs and budget are promised here. Get this cost-effective financing option to run and maintain a car without any dilemma.

What are electric car loans?

They are a financial provision designed to help buyers arrange the necessary funds for electric car purchases. No need to look for the cheapest electric car in Ireland. You can now extend your budget to accommodate a better car with the help of these loans.

Instead of eyeing for an inexpensive car by thinking of your budget, switch to a sustainable one. This financing option resembles features that are more or less common in a personal loan. You do not need to pay anything out of your way as our rates are quite realistic.

Drive guilt-free without putting too much burden on your pocket by taking the help of these loans. In a way, these loans encourage you to take a major initiative to limit your carbon footprint contribution. At the same time, you do not have to feel overwhelmed to run this car as your expenses will be low.

Vital determinants that help you ideate the suitability of these loans are:

  • Amount to borrow: You cannot propose any amount but can select from within €2000 to €50000. Take out a portion of the purchase price as the loaned amount. Combine them with your savings and get the best electric car.
  • Term for repayment: The loan amount decides how long would be the repayment duration. It should ideally fall between 1 to 7 years. As per convenience, you can adjust the amount for a feasible term.
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How to know if loans are the best way to finance electric cars?

Are these cars a must-have only for someone who takes care for the environment? No, anyone can own an electric car to take a step towards sustainable living. For those who blame the car cost to be unaffordable, loans are available at your disposal.

Take note of the pros and cons to make sure whether getting these loans is the right step.

Advantages Disadvantages
Electric car loan rates are competitive. The longer repayment extends the more total cost increases.
Freedom to sell the car whenever needed. Upgrading to a new model of electric car at the end of term is not possible.
Getting a better price from the dealer is possible when you pay in full. Late repayments will attract additional fees as penalties.
You can drive an advanced technology car. Non-payments can affect your credit scores.
Repayments are going to be affordable. For a bigger amount, security might be required.

How are loans better than electric car grants?

Financeanyloan really appreciates your move towards a greener tomorrow. These cars are a great way to downsize the motoring cost. Given the intensity with which environmental problems are increasing, steps like this should be a priority.

It is very popular to use electric car grants in Ireland. This Government scheme allows you to get a discount on the purchase price of the car. The seller or the car dealer will take care of this arrangement and you cannot apply for it.

However, it can happen that you might miss out. It is that you can cash in this facility only for cars that the Government has approved. Therefore, grants are not accessible to private buyers.

Maybe, the grant facility is not available if you want to purchase a used car. On the other hand, loans are versatile in their offerings. When you contact us, we can enlighten you about the various helpful features of opting for loans.

  • Anytime money by fulfilling less formalities
  • No botheration for hard credit checks
  • Opt with or without security as per convenience
  • Pace up the process of car purchase
  • Submit an online application from anywhere

What are the different ways you can finance electric cars?

With an elevated demand for eco-friendly alternatives for driving, you get a variety of options to choose from. This funding solution endeavours to help you take a step forward to own a car. An electric car is the right fit for this present situation with a dual purpose to serve you.

We felt that financing options should also be diversified to help you enjoy more flexibility.

  • Car loans

    For a collateral-free personal loan, you can opt for car loans in Ireland. Here, you will be the car owner from the moment you obtain loans. Besides, you can reap the benefits of a convenient repayment structure that allows small payments over months.

  • Green loans

    A green car loan is another provision that allows you to get funding on flexible conditions. These loans aim to support your initiative by promising better terms and rates. You can have these loans for any purpose which gives you the liberty to spend it on car purchases as well.

How much will a loan deal for an electric car cost?

This is a specialised financial arrangement to help you choose an eco-friendly car. Use these loans to cover the upfront cost which might be out of your budget. However, getting a loan involves interest payments which add up to the amount.

The loan proposal lets you peek into the electric car loan interest rates. A combination of factors influences these rates. They are loan amount, the extent of the repayment term and your financial record.

Besides the present market condition, the down payment and debt-to-income could be some of the other factors that concern us. We get familiarised with your financial condition first before customising the loan offer. Rest assured that rates will be pocket-friendly if you pick the ideal amount of loan.

We facilitate you to get an idea about the overall cost with an electric car loan calculator. Enter the desired amount to see how the rates work and adjust accordingly. This simple tool can clear your confusion and guide you in the right direction.

Why get in touch with Finance for loans to buy an electric car? Because we offer bespoke offers that are unique for every borrower. Moreover, we have a 24/7 presence to ensure all your queries and requests get answered at the right time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to get a loan for an electric car purchase?
Is it possible to get a 0% loan deal for a new electric car?
Can I pay back these loans in advance?
What documents should I submit to apply for these loans?
How to finance an electric car with a loan?

Begin with checking your eligibility so that you can apply for loans to get an electric car. After receiving your request, we will run a soft check to verify your affordability. If everything seems convincing, we will send a loan quotation. Accept it to receive the loan money finally.

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