Quick Loans

Get quick loans for any urgent requirement in Ireland. Grab these pocket-friendly loans within minutes of application. First-time borrowers and bad credit individuals can benefit from reasonable interest rates and flexibility to clear their loans early.

How Much You Want to Borrow

What does a quick loan imply?

In some situations, you need cash flexibility to meet your needs. A quick loan in Ireland fits the purpose. These short term loans help you cover unplanned costs and expenses like medical urgency and car repair. You can even apply with bad credit history as we consider profiles with past credit mistakes or loan defaults.

You can also refer to these as no credit check loans, as they do not impact credit scores at the time of loan application. You can apply in any emergency without worrying about credit score drops.

We usually conduct a credit check only to be familiar with your affordability. You may qualify if you have a regular income. We prioritise every minor need and provide quick loans in Ireland online to those needing fast finance immediately. We also offer fast cash at the doors for individuals who can not walk around to submit their applications.

Why you may need quick cash loans?

Does your paycheque not suffice for the cash requirements? You must close an overdue bill or a lump sum to pay for business equipment or personal home repairs. Getting a fast loan in Ireland from a reliable source like us can help you.

Here are some instances apart from these where you may benefit from having instant funding:

  • Pay credit card bills immediately

    Not paying the dues can lead to penalty costs. If you are short of money and need backup cash, these can help. You can also consolidate the credit card debt using the facility if you want.

  • Vehicle repair

    Whether you need to repair a broken car window or replace the seat covers, quick cash loans in Ireland can help you get money within 15 minutes. You can also split the loan amount to meet vehicle needs, like repairing the gear and getting the new seat covers.

  • Consolidate debts

    If you need ways to meet your next big goals with debt consolidation, these loans can help. The any-purpose flexibility makes it easier for individuals to fix debt issues and save interest costs on existing debts.

  • Ticket bookings

    Whether you want to explore the best of Europe on an educational trip or catch a business opportunity overseas, you can use the loans to cover the ticket costs.

    For example, if you have €15000 but need €3000 more to book the tickets urgently, contact us and get verified quick online loans in the Ireland marketplace as required. We guide you in sorting out the suitable option given your finances. You can trust us with consistent communication and loan assistance to book your tickets instantly.

  • Pay for the child’s education and personal expenses

    If you are a single mother, managing child expenses with personal ones can be tricky. For example, your child’s concerns include doctor consultations, sessions and educational needs. If you often seek additional financial backup, you can rely on us for safe and expert loan assistance.

Who may apply for a quick loan?

We cover a broad spectrum of customers who can benefit from urgent loans. It is why individuals contact us for quick loans in Ireland, including cities like Dublin, Belfast, Limerick, and Cork, for your needs.

You can apply for these loans with us if you are:

  • Students
  • Unemployed
  • Single mother/father
  • Tenant
  • Employed
  • Self-employed
  • Business/startup

We provide instant cash assistance to any person with a relevant income source. Under this, we count income from any source like:

  • Provide a payslip from regular employment
  • Provide the previous year’s self-assessment for income from self-employment
  • Relevant proof of active unemployed benefits
  • Students leveraging scholarships and grants can provide the evidence
  • Part-time income source in the form of freelance earnings
  • Pension evidence in the form of a slip

How you may benefit from instant loans?

There are ample advantages of these loans in cashless times. With us, you can avail of instant loans in the Ireland market at cheap and personalised loan agreement terms. It helps you manage the repayments easily. Here are other benefits:

  • Top-up loan if the amount proves low

    Borrowing up an amount only to see it is lower than you wanted is no surprise. Do not panic but contact us immediately. We provide you with a new schedule right there when you contact us. However, you would have to pay interest costs as per the new agreement.

  • Pre-pay the loan amount

    We are a total breakthrough from traditional loan practices. To help you achieve your financial dreams, pre-pay the loan amount. You can do so if your loan term completion duration is near.

    For example, if you borrowed €3000 for 6 months, you can pay the entire amount and interest costs (€3200) within the 4th month. Likewise, you only pay interest up to the term (4 months).

    As these are also known as small loans in Ireland, pre-payment can help increase the credit score by cutting the additional interest costs.

  • 98% application approval chances

    These loans have the highest qualification chances. If you fear rejection due to poor credit history, do not worry. We provide this short-term bad credit loan approval without stringent credit checks.

    Individuals with pending CCJs, loan defaults, missed payments, or bankruptcy can qualify for these loans. Unemployed individuals find us as their best partner for affordable loans. These are like unemployed loans where you may get flexible terms and freedom to pay comfortably at income from benefits.

  • Leverage Flexible repayment option

    One of the benefits of these loans is that you can get them at easy terms. With us, you can repay weekly, monthly, and fortnightly. You can choose the arrangement as per your finances and budget. It also helps you keep up with regular payments.

  • Explore the opportunity to go without a guarantor

    Nothing could be better than securing fast finance for any pressing need. If you share sufficient income backup and need money, contact us and get quick loans in Ireland with no guarantor. It is not costly, and we help you manage the payments well by creating an agreement that suits your finances.

How do our repayment policies work for quick loans?

You can choose the repayment as per your comfort. You can either pre-pay the amount early or make an overpayment. Ours is a fixed loan repayment structure where you can spread the cost of the loan over 60 months. If you want, you can pay the loan in 3 months also.

The additional flexibility is ideal for those individuals with lower income brackets and credit scores. Though be conscious of making timely payments if, on a longer repayment period, non-repayment would mean more interest costs.


For example, borrowing €6000 for 3 months is more affordable than borrowing the same amount for 55 months. The reason is increased interest costs. However, you can eliminate the impact by pre-payment.

By making regular payments in small amounts, pay your loan without defaulting. We grant you 100% freedom and flexibility to choose the loan term.

If you need urgent help, we feel proud to back you. We, as a responsible provider of fast loans in the online marketplace, leverage our years of expertise to create the most budget-friendly repayment agreement for you. With the same, we keep your best interest and minimise the default possibilities.

Furthermore, you can set up a direct debit for repayment. We deduct the monthly repayment amount automatically from your registered account. To ensure this, you must have a minimum balance exceeding the loan repayment amount. You can request us to close the facility if your finances change.

What is the process to get an instant cash loan in 1 hour?

You can call quick loans by different names like fast loans, instant loans, or 24-hour loans in Ireland. With no documents and collateral, the application process for these loans is superfast. With us, you can avail of the desired funds with no detailed checking or cumbersome requirements.

We give you our consent if you meet the terms with no obligation to accept it. The loan approval would not affect your credit score.

Step 1

Apply for an online application at the website by filing personal details:

  • Name
  • Amount you need
  • Contact information
  • A valid Email ID
  • Date of application

Step 2

After applying, we will soon receive the application and analyse your needs.

Step 3

We ask for income and ID proof to authenticate the financial need.

Step 4

Approve the application and release the fund in 15 minutes.

By pursuing these steps, you can easily avail of cash loans in 1 hour with us in Ireland. We always accept any application if it shares the potential to qualify. We help you be eligible for a minimal amount if you need cash urgently by providing personalised guidance. On approval, we ensure the best system to ensure the confidentiality of your income and financials.

Why choose Financeanyloan

Since our inception, we consistently try ensuring independent finance with our borrower-friendly loans. Facilities like a quick loan in Ireland with no guarantor at instant approval grant an opportunity to counter cash urgencies without disclosing finances unwillingly to someone else.

It helps them improve their bad credit profile without impacting the bond. There is no one reason to choose us as we help ensure financial freedom with our seamless repayment policies, ease of lending/borrowing, and different payment options.

As most individuals applying for the loan are students or unemployed, we, as responsible direct lenders, do not charge any upfront fee or a commission on these loans.

These loans do not imply you get a loan instantly with guaranteed approval if you apply with us. Instead, we provide quick loans on the same day only if you can afford the payments and grant approval instantly. Post that, if you struggle to pay the loan, we grant a repayment holiday, which allows you to pay after finances improve.

Conversely, we never move forward if the loan arrangement impacts the household budget of a borrower. In this way, we ensure responsible lending for individuals with unique finances. One can rely on us for transparent, affordable, and comfortable loans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are quick and payday loans similar?
Do I have to confront hidden fees while applying here?
I need a loan but in a hassle-free way, is it possible?
Is same-day approval possible if I apply with a smartphone?
Can I get instant money by applying for short-term financing?

We specialise in offering short-term loans in Ireland at the quickest. The possibility of getting instant access to money does not depend on the type of financing but rather on our speedy processes. Since we follow a step-by-step method to process and approve your application, unnecessary delays will not happen on our platform. Once you get our approval, you will receive the loan money quickly in your checking account without further delay.

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